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Date Publication Title
09/19/2020 CBT Automotive Network The Benefits of Having a Unique Domain Name
07/17/2019 Inrix New Autonomous Vehicle Platform Connects Road Authorities with Vehicle Operators
07/19/2018 TechCrunch Self-driving car startup Voyage brings on ex-Tesla, Cruise and Uber exec as CTO
04/13/18 The Verge We need self-driving cars that can monitor our attention along with our emotions
04/25/18 New Automotive Website Launched at Vingo.Car
03/21/18 Should Car Dealerships Use a Geo .CARS Domain Name?
11/09/15 Search Engine Watch Case study: will new domain extensions provide an SEO boost?
02/28/17 Car Dealer Magazine The automotive URLs that are the gold standard for dealerships
08/26/16 Wall Street Pitt This Could Be Amazon’s (AMZN) New Trillion-Dollar Business
05/12/16 Search Engine Journal New gTLD’s Impact to Your Site’s Ranking
08/27/16 Automotive News Amazon primed for shoppers, not buyers
08/25/16 The Domains Amazon May Roll Out Its Car Portal Using a New gTLD
08/25/16 Automotive News Amazon, expanding automotive business, launches vehicle research portal
05/10/16 Driving Sales New Domain Names Help Dealership’s Search Rankings
05/01/16 Auto Remarketing Auto-specific Domain Names: Easier for car shopper to punch in smartphone URL bar
04/29/16 Auto Remarketing Why auto-specific domain names are easier for shoppers
04/11/16 Automotive News Stronger domain names can strengthen marketing
04/02/16 Automotive News Maybe it’s time to think about
04/01/16 Domain Investing .Cars’ Lucra Displayed at NADA 2016
03/20/16 News LI Local Biz Banks on New Domains While Expanding Nationally; Says .Cars will Broaden Automotive Horizon
01/08/16 BGR New evidence points to an upcoming Apple Car
01/08/16 C Net’ revs up talk of iPhone maker’s auto plans
01/08/16 Reuters Apple registers automobile domain names, including “”
01/08/16 The Telegraph Apple registers car-related web addresses as vehicle rumours gather speed
01/08/16 Fortune Apple Registers ‘’ and Other Auto-Related Domains
01/08/16 Mac World Apple registers and, fueling rumors about electric car
01/08/16 Mac Rumors Apple Registers ‘’ and Other Auto-Related Domains
01/08/16 Mirror Is Apple building a self-driving ‘iCar’? This new clue is the biggest evidence yet
01/08/16 The Next Web Apple registers a few domains that suggest something car related is on the way
01/08/16 Engadget Apple is buying up Apple Car domains
01/09/16 Business Finance News Apple Car Is Real and It’s Coming
01/09/16 Digital Trends Apple registers car-related domains:,, and
01/09/16 Independent iCar: Apple fans in a frenzy over electric wheels rumours
01/09/16 Car Advice, web domains snapped up by Apple
01/09/16 Business Times Apple registers automobile domain names, including “”
01/09/16 Business Insider Apple just registered the ‘Apple.Car’ web address
01/08/16 Ubergizmo Apple Found Registering Car-Related Domains
01/08/16 Stuff Apple registered a bunch of car-related domain names
01/08/16 The Verge The domain name appears to belong to Apple
01/08/16 Silicon Valley Business Journal Another sign of an Apple Car? Maybe, maybe not
01/08/16 Investors Business Daily Apple Car closer as domain name registered?
01/08/16 Motor Authority Is Apple Actually Building A Car? It Just Registered Apple.Car Domain
01/08/16 PC Mag Report: Apple Registers Car-Related Domain Names
01/08/16 Auto Blog Apple registers URL
01/12/16 Digital Trends Elon Musk Reveals Apple’s “Open Secret”
01/11/16 Value Walk Apple Car Rumors Intensity As Apple Registers Three Domain Names
01/11/16 ZD Net First Apple registers – now Google nabs
01/11/16 BBC Tesla chief Elon Musk says Apple is making an electric car
01/10/16 Streetwise Journal Apple this week has registered a selection of automotive-related domain names, possibly related to CarPlay or an electric vehicle.
01/10/16 Christian Science Monitor Is Apple actually building a car?
03/11/16 Domain Investing Geely Launches .Auto Website
03/17/16 Driving Sales Automotive Domains: Edgy like Sushi, but Better for Marketing
03/15/16 Globerunner A Car Dealership Moved to a .CARS Domain. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next
03/01/16 Dealer Exec Do You Value Your Online Real Estate? You Should
02/29/16 Auto Dealer Monthly Master New Domains
02/05/16 Tech Radar India New opportunity for auto industry to dominate digital space through auto-specific domains
01/20/16 Jalopnik Now Anybody Can Buy A .Car, .Cars Or .Auto URL
01/20/16 La Biz .Car, .cars and .auto open up web real estate for auto-related businesses
01/19/16 Dealer Marketing Magazine Why Automotive Domain Names Matter
01/18/16 Domain Name Wire Google Self-Driving Car: The X?
01/13/16 Online Domain Google & Apple Buy 45+ .Cars, .Car & .Auto Domain Names (SelfDriving .cars, Alphabet .car, Apple .car)
01/13/16 ZD Net Automakers vs. Google, Apple? Incumbents have edge
01/13/16 Market Watch Apple is stuck behind Tesla in race for car of the future
01/12/16 Fortune Tesla’s Elon Musk Says Apple Electric Car Is an ‘Open Secret’
01/09/16 The California Post Apple has reportedly registered three auto-related domain names
01/08/16 NBC News Apple Car rumors flurry after new domain registration
01/08/16 CBS News New clue about Apple Car plans
01/08/16 CNBC Apple Car rumors flurry after new domain registration
01/08/16 USA Today Apple registers domains tied to cars

Press Releases

Date Publication Title
03/28/16 PR Newswire Website Rankings and Conversions Increase with Dealership Switch to .Cars URL
12/02/15 Dealer Elite New Domains .Cars, .Car, and .Auto Launching Specifically for the Auto Industry
12/16/15 Driving Sales News Cars Registry Introduces Dealership-Themed Domains
01/12/16 Dealer Marketing .Cars / .Car / .Auto Domains Open Registration to General Public Today
01/20/16 Yahoo Finance .Cars / .Car / .Auto Domains Globally Launch into General Availability