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Geo.Cars Case Study

Hartzer Consulting analyzed 3 .CARS domain names with live websites. We focused on website traffic, search engine rankings, and overall value of the traffic received by the car dealerships.

Wichita.CARS and Phoenix.CARS were two brand new websites, while Arizona Car Sales moved their website from to Arizona.CARS.

Should Car Dealerships Use a .CARS Domain Name?


  • 17,000+ total visitors from direct traffic and organic search in 2016
  • The dealership received $15,975 of organic search traffic value in the first year.
  • Wichita.Cars ranks #1 on Google for the search term “Wichita Cars” and outranks many competitor websites including


  • Dealership saw over 1,600 visitors after just 103 days, which equals $5,531 of CPC value, or $19,600 annualized
  • Annual cost of the .CARS domain registration was recovered within a few months
  • As of March 2018 Phoenix.CARS ranks for 4 keywords in the top 3 positions, and 8 keywords in the top 4-10 positions in Google’s organic search

Arizona.CARS (previously

  • Dealership saw a 74% increase in traffic from Google organic search after switching to .CARS within just 7 months
  • Just by moving from to Arizona.CARS, the dealership realized $40,611 in value in the first 7 months ($69,618 in annualized value)
  • The number of keywords that Arizona.CARS ranks for nearly doubled from 3,212 keywords to 6,236 keywords over a 9 month period.

STL.Cars Case Study

GlobeRunner, Moving to a .Cars Domain, STL.Cars case study

Website Rankings and Conversions Increase with Dealership Switch to .Cars URL

Study shows new automotive domain improves over 50% of search rankings

Santa Monica, CA – March 30, 2016 – A new dealership case study conducted by independent SEO experts GlobeRunner reveals that new automotive-specific domain names, .Cars, .Car, and .Auto (“.Cars”), are lifting search rankings, conversions, and traffic.

Since launching in January, .Cars has been globally adopted by automotive businesses like UK-based marketer Motortrak.Auto, German technology company Pace.Car, and Massachusetts dealer group DCD.Auto. These websites join notable brands like Porsche.Cars, eBay.Cars, and Apple.Car.

The GlobeRunner study analyzes a luxury dealership’s move from their existing website,, to www.STL.Cars. This represents one of the first third-party studies conducted to examine the move from .com to a new domain extension.

Results from the independent research include:

Other dealerships are also experiencing benefits by moving to new automotive domains. Brilliance Auto, a New Jersey-based dealership, migrated from (with a single “l”) to Brilliance.Auto. They also obtained keyword domains to expand their digital marketing: Certified.Car, Shop.Auto, and Safe.Car.

“My new website already ranks #1 on Google for search terms that matter to us.” said Sammy Quraan, GM of Brilliance Auto. “The Internet is such a huge and global place – it seems obvious that it will continue to segment into different ‘neighborhoods’ so consumers can easily find you. And, as third-party leads continue to decline, I really believe ‘search’ is going to be the only way people are going to find our dealership in the future – likely from their smartphone. I want to be sure I’m easy to find.”

“This study demonstrates that .Cars is poised to have a significant impact on digital marketing for dealerships,” said Mike Ambrose, COO of Cars Registry.

Dealerships can upgrade their domain (i.e., to HV.Auto), establish a geographic presence (i.e., Wichita.Cars), and setup new initiatives (i.e., Exclusive.Cars) at www.Go.Cars.

Read the full GlobeRunner case study

About Cars Registry Limited

Cars Registry Limited is the registry operator for .Cars, .Car, and .Auto. Founded in 2015 by domain industry leaders XYZ and Uniregistry, the company provides Internet naming options for the automotive industry.