Domains for trademark holders

What is the Trademark Clearinghouse?

The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is a centralized database for verified trademarks. Brands registered in the TMCH can participate in the trademark-exclusive Sunrise period for any new domain extensions, such as .Cars, .Car, and .Auto.

The TMCH was created to give brands the opportunity to protect their trademarked name(s) during a trademark-exclusive registration period called the “Sunrise.”

How do I register and enter in my trademarks?

You can register your trademark in the TMCH by completing this form. Once you are verified, you’ll receive a unique authentication key (also known as an SMD file) that provides you access to participate in the Sunrise period.

It is recommended that you register your trademarks in the TMCH before the Sunrise period begins, in order to ensure a seamless registration process.

You are only eligible to register the exact marks listed in your SMD file. If the trademark term is two or more words, you are typically allowed to register the names without spaces or with hyphens (-). For example, the trademarked term “John Smith Cars” would be eligible to register all of the below during Sunrise:

"John Smith Cars" .Cars .Car .Auto
Exact Mark JohnSmithCars.Cars JohnSmithCars.Car JohnSmithCars.Auto
Variation 1 John-SmithCars.Cars John-SmithCars.Car John-SmithCars.Auto
Variation 2 JohnSmith-Cars.Cars JohnSmith-Cars.Car JohnSmith-Cars.Auto
Variation 3 John-Smith-Cars.Cars John-Smith-Cars.Car John-Smith-Cars.Auto

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Please also note that the entire trademark term must be registered to the left of the dot. In other words, JohnSmith.Cars would not be an eligible application in Sunrise, and must be registered in the public Early Access Period or General Availability.

What are the fees?

The TMCH has two fee structures depending on the quantity of trademarks you would like to register. If you are only registering a few trademarks, you would follow the Basic Fee Structure.

Registration costs for each trademark below:

For more information on fees, visit the TMCH website.

After I become a TMCH member, how and when can I register the .Cars, .Car, and .Auto domains that I want?

You can register your exact-match trademark domains starting on December 9, 2015 at any participating retailer. Domains are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is important to secure your marks early on in the Sunrise period. In order for your registration to be completed in Sunrise, the domain must match the SMD file you submit with your order.